About Sea of Roses

Crescent Tea Studios logo

Crescent Tea Studios

A Portuguese game studio founded in 2020 by André Fidalgo Silva, Andreia Batista, and Ariana Parrilha. Crescent Tea Studios enjoys creating games built around thought-provoking storytelling, player agency, and the use of game mechanics as a narrative device. Sea of Roses is the first game from the studio to be published.

Jennifer Ann's Group logo

Jennifer Ann’s Group

Jennifer Ann’s Group is a nonprofit public charity working to prevent teen dating violence through awareness, education, and advocacy. The Atlanta-based organization was founded in 2006 in memory of Jennifer Crecente.

Jennifer Ann’s Group has been producing and researching prosocial games about issues impacting young people through its award-winning Gaming Against Violence program since 2008. All games from the Gaming Against Violence program are winning games from their annual Life.Love. Game Design Challenge.

Sea of Roses is an award-winning game from this global competition and is the first game from the program to be published on Steam.

Life Love Publishing

Since 2008, Life Love Publishing has been publishing prosocial games about issues impacting young people.

The games have been developed and designed by indie game developers worldwide. Represented countries include Argentina, Belgium, Canada, England, France, India, Ireland, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Ukraine, U.S.A., and Vanuatu.

Game themes include bystander awareness, consent, cultural influences, gaslighting, healthy relationships, media literacy, power and control, and teen dating violence prevention.