Sea of Roses has Launched on Steam! and GameJolt image

The award-winning video game Sea of Roses is now available on Steam . . . and it’s free!

We are so excited to be able to share Sea of Roses and its colorful cast of characters with you! Please let us know what you love the most about Sea of Roses.

Can you pet the dog?

Early Reviews of Sea of Roses

The first reviews of Sea of Roses on Steam are in and they are great!

“10 out of 10 … Cannot recommend this game enough.”
The FluffeyPanda (Steam)

“… a lovely gem.”
Altaka (Steam)

“… really gorgeous art style and colors, with a meaningful story!”
DarkRuby (Steam)

Sea of Roses, Marion's notebook

Sea of Roses Details


Crescent Tea Studios

Produced by

Jennifer Ann’s Group

ESRB Rating

E for Everyone





Sea of Roses